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Many local education authorities and some individual schools will offer financial assistance for the SScOT summer course, but SScOT also has its own bursary fund, the Mary Carmichael Fund, which is designed to ensure that nobody is unable to attend purely for financial reasons.  

Mary Carmichael was the Director of SScOT from its inception in 1984 until her untimely death from cancer in August 1998.  She left SScOT a generous bequest which has been used as the basis for a fund which enables us to offer a number of bursaries each year for children to attend the summer course, as well as helping us to commission occasional new works.  

The staff/pupil ratio on the courses is high, and all staff are residential and fully involved throughout the week. All staff play a pastoral role, as well as a musical or recreational one, so there is plenty of supervision of children at all times. Of necessity, this means that the fees are quite high - currently over £400 for the week.

Applications to the Mary Carmichael Fund should include:-

A completed application form for the course plus deposit, a stamped addressed envelope and a photo as requested on the form.  In the event of an applicant being unable to attend the course due to an insufficient bursary being offered, the deposit will be returned in full.

A letter from the parent/guardian outlining the reasons for applying for a bursary and detailing any financial support they anticipate receiving from any other source.

A letter from the head teacher of the child’s school confirming whether they, or their local education authority, are able to offer financial assistance, and confirming that they feel that the child would benefit from, and contribute to, the course.

Bursaries will be awarded purely on the basis of financial need, and each application will be considered on an individual basis.  

All applications for a bursary should be sent to Kate Whitlock at the above address.  The deadline for receipt of applications for bursaries is normally March 31st each year.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application during April. 

Kate Whitlock is happy to discuss individual situations and to advise on possible support from local authorities or elsewhere.

Further donations to the Mary Carmichael Fund would be gratefully received, and can be made by sending a cheque, payable to SScOT, to Kate Whitlock at the above address, from whom Gift Aid Declaration Forms are available for tax payers who would like to increase the value of their donation.