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This page contains articles written by children who have attended recent SScOT residential activity holidays, and their parents.  

This was my second year at SScOT and I greatly enjoyed it.  I made new friends and met up with friends from the year before.  I was in the Symphony Orchestra and wondered if I would struggle with the pieces, but the pieces were great and everyone was very supportive and encouraging.  I would really recommend this course to anyone who enjoys playing music and making new friends.  I know I would definitely come back.

 Kirstin (aged 12, Anstruther Primary School, July 2016)  

SScOT is something I look forward to in my summer holidays.  The course encompasses music and activities.  The accommodation and food is all really good, there is also lots of great facilities such as tennis courts, an Astroturf, a swimming pool and a sports hall equipped with badminton and basketball.  Art is also available and is really fun.  There are three music groups and a whole orchestra (which includes everyone on the course).  All the conductors choose great music.  On the topic of conductors, the staff are really skilled, friendly and obviously love music.  The format of the course is very well organised, each day having a mixture of sport or art, sectionals and rehearsals.  The sectionals are great.  They are all really helpful, and allow us to make progress quickly.  Overall SScOT is a great course, which will help improve your musical skills, and allow you to meet new people with mutual interests.

Gregor (aged 14, Edinburgh Academy, July 2016)

I went on a trip to Dunblane with my sister and a friend from school.  My best time in SScOT was getting the chance to play a piece which our conductor (Robin) wrote during our break.  The title of the song was called "Water's Edge".  It was very nerve-wracking and on our very last day at the performance, we blew our audience away.  We had a ceilidh on Wednesday night.  It was very good.  We also did a quiz about SScOT and the staff did a concert, displaying their talents to us.  It was very inspirational to watch.  Thank you, it has been an amazing week.  I won't forget it.

Teresa (aged 10, St. Ninian's R.C. Primary School, Newton Stewart, July 2016)

Since it was my first year I was pretty shy and didn't know where to be but then I made a few friends to keep me right, and now am in contact with a couple of them.  The accommodation was just the right amount of space, and was comfy enough to get a good night's sleep.  Every meal was so well cooked, thanks to the dinner staff.  The tutoring was exceptional and I loved to be in a big orchestra full of amazing musicians and wow conductors.  When it came to sport and art it was good to have a break from playing.  Heather, Jamie and Jessica made it fun for us when it came to those activities.  It was awesome when we did the ceilidh and funny when it came to the staff concert, and I had a great time playing in the pupil concert.

Amelia (aged 9, Kingsland Primary School, Peebles, July 2016)

I really loved the course.  It has made me more competent and independent in my playing.  I feel I have made progress.  In doing the course I feel more confident in the style and techniques of playing the flute.  Rehearsals were tiring but fun.  The tutors were really good, experienced in teaching so we worked hard.  The timetable was well organised and there was always something to do.  I made friends quickly as there was a friendly relaxed environment.  I really enjoyed using the school's sports facilities and the food was good.  Being in the final concert was cool.  I would love to go back again.

Amelia (aged 11, George Heriot's School, Edinburgh, July 2016)

As this is unfortunately my last year at SScOT I would like to thank you for the 4 wonderful and fun weeks and many Play Away Days.  SScOT was like my dream of a week and I am so glad I discovered it!  My cello playing and orchestral playing always improve greatly over the week and I always have lots of fun.  I am sad that it is my final year, however I am sure SScOT will go on being fabulous.

Jenny (aged 15, Currie Community High School, July 2015)

Being my second time at SScOT I was really looking forward to meeting up with my friends again (who I met the last time I went) and this time I got to share a room with them!  The instructors on the course were really helpful and nice too, conducting our music and giving us sport & art at break times. At the end of the course, thanks to our tutors, we pulled off a spectacular concert in the Carnegie Hall and I've been singing Benjamin Britten all summer!

Lachlan (aged 10, Lomond School, Helensburgh, July 2015)

The facilities were excellent and I really enjoyed the way that you alternate between sport and rehearsals. The tutors are really funny and encouraging!

Sam (aged 11, Garlieston Primary School, Dumfries & Galloway, July 2015)

Brilliant concert yesterday and my daughter Amelia adored it.  She's hooked and will be back if you'll have her in 2017!  A wonderfully well run course, pastoral care and artistry fabulous.  The friendliness of the staff evident from the very first meeting to the last and the fact that the staff play with the children and for them in concerts at night etc - what an experience for them.  It's all about the music.  And the fun that can be had from it, the sheer joy.  Keep it up!  I was in tears watching them yesterday and not just my child, it's so moving seeing young talent flourish.  Thank you ALL.

Clare (Parent, Peebles, July 2016)

Thanks to all for a fantastic concert on Saturday and another wonderful SScOT course: our daughter Mia's second and definitely not her last.  She had a wonderful time and it was a pleasure to see her playing so confidently both on Thursday when I came up to Dunblane and on Saturday.  Two very proud parents!  Mia loved the whole week - the music of course but also the sport, art and social aspects.  It's a great course and we will spread the word for next year.  Looks like summer holidays will need to be arranged around SScOT for the next five years!!

Sally (Parent, Edinburgh, July 2016)